💥 Let’s explore the world of the NFT games 💥

Published 13 April 2022
💥 Let’s explore the world of the NFT games 💥


NFTs are more like handmade items that can be very similar but never the same. It makes them an ideal tool for digitizing art objects, like paintings, music, and videos. But let’s talk more about NFTs in the gaming industry.

NFT in games can be anything — a character, weapons, appearance, game elements, or cards.

Want to know the top 5 of the best NFT games for 2022? Then read on:

Gods Unchained

It is a card game where your goal is to outplay the opponent with a deck. The NFT concept here protects your deck from stat changes. It solves an issue experienced by players in classic games where a developer can reduce the power ofyour in-game property.

Axie Infinity

The game is similar to a farm where the user moves around looking for Axie animals. To start playing, you need to get three pets – each of them is an NFT token. While playing the game, you will fight and acquire lands, as well as breed and upgrade animals.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox resembles Minecraft or Roblox but works on the blockchain. The game combines the ideas of the Metaverse, NFT, and GameFi. You can build the world and then sell your creations on the marketplace.

Alien Worlds

The game is more like a clicker. A player only needs to click “Dig” to mine TLM. You can use the earned funds to improve your playing position – buy equipment that will speed up mining.

Ember Sword

Ember Sword is a free-to-play MMORPG. It allows players to choose a character and its story. Here, NFT only helps you customize the character’s appearance.

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