💫 Celebrities who became crypto investors. Part 2 💫

Published 24 February 2022
💫 Celebrities who became crypto investors. Part 2 💫


The popularity of cryptocurrency has not gone unnoticed by celebrities. Here is a small selection of stars who have already entered the world of digital assets.

Emily Ratajkowski

NFT technology has attracted another player to the cryptocurrency market – a model and actress, Emily Ratajkowski. Non-fungible tokens have become a way to protect the copyright of her images. Ratajkowski also joined the Laser Eyes challenge, waiting for the price of Bitcoin to hit $100 000.

Paris Hilton

The actress’s journey in the field of NFT has been successful so far: in August 2020, she managed to auction her drawing of a cat for 40 ETH. In 2021, Paris announced the release of new NFTs. In addition, she actively communicates with popular members of the crypto community.

Reese Witherspoon

Of course, the richest actress in the world could not pass up a new way to diversify her funds and, in September 2021, shared the information about buying Ethereum with her Twitter followers.

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