Paris Blockchain Week Summit and Token2049 Dubai in Light of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Published 23 April 2024
Paris Blockchain Week Summit and Token2049 Dubai in Light of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency


The first half of 2024 was filled with events and activities, but our time at the Paris Blockchain Week Summit and Token2049 Dubai this year impressed us the most. Both summits became major international events where we showcased our products, learned about new trends and prospects, and expanded our professional network in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.

Paris Blockchain Week Summit

At the Paris Blockchain Week Summit, we introduced our innovative solution, Crypto as a Service, tailored for the European market. This solution enables clients to integrate cryptocurrency into their operations. We also emphasized institutional services and business partnerships, reflecting our company’s strategic direction. Additionally, our team had the opportunity to participate in several interviews for local and international media, allowing us to present our product and generate new interest in WhiteBIT.

Token2049 Dubai

At Token2049 Dubai, participants had the unique opportunity to win prizes and have fun. They spent this time with us with incredible enthusiasm and excitement. Furthermore, our business partners could comfortably engage with us and learn more about the “Crypto as a Service” offering in specially organized zones at our stand. Everyone received maximum attention and benefit. The atmosphere was very dynamic, and we also greatly enjoyed interacting with participants and partners.

Both conferences allowed us to showcase new opportunities for individual clients and businesses, meet new partners, and increase our presence in the international market because Crypto as a Service is not just a tool but a comprehensive solution that enables the quick and efficient integration of cryptocurrency into business operations. Our support for high security, compliance, and innovation standards makes WhiteBIT the perfect partner for enterprises looking to harness the potential of cryptocurrency for business development.

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