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Q&A with Edain | Transcript

Published 23 May 2022
Q&A with Edain | Transcript


Q: What is the idea of your project? What problem do you want to solve? What innovations will you bring to the crypto world?

Answer: Edain is designed to reduce the human knowledge gap by making knowledge available as a utility (the same as gas, water, or electricity are in many parts of the world) to every desiring human, no matter socioeconomic status, religion, geography, ethnicity, education level, etc. — fairly and at a low cost. This is for the purpose of developing our world sustainably and peacefully. Knowledge should not be an asset or commodity for the privileged but rather for the many.

Also, we are among the first projects to offer access to knowledge via our apps solely as a tradable software license key through a crypto token, specifically EAI. Even more, our application, Decision Point Crypto, is the first sentiment and emotion analysis tool dedicated to the crypto world that is not limited to social media data.

Q: I have seen the website of Edain. There are things that interest me from the website. There are quotes that read “The Keys To The Tree Of Knowledge”. What is the Tree of Knowledge? And what is the relationship between the Tree of Knowledge and the EAI token itself?

A: The Tree of Knowledge is the sum of our knowledge vaults. Knowledge vaults are dedicated smart and intelligent databases that we are building by collecting information, processing them into data, and saving them as DFOs (Data Fusion Objects), and give access to these contents through our applications that need the Edain token as a payment utility to operate.

Q: Can you tell me more about C+8 Technology, the foundation technology of Edain Software used to analyze and process your data?

A: Based upon the founder and visionary Hardy F. Schloer’s “Quantum Relations Principle”, the engine, known as the Quantum Relations Machine (QRM), continually processes Big Data of all types, and from any source, into a fully generalized, unsupervised self-organizing data-model, which is to be known as the C+8 data model. It maps a living copy of the real world and its history into a 45-dimensional knowledge network.

Thousands of terabytes of information are parsed and instantaneously stored every month through Prisma’s proprietary C+8 Data Object/-Network, resulting in a growing repository of natively arranged dynamic datasets, which mirror the real world exactly as it behaves.

The C+8 parsing engines capture a continuously evolving network of discretely interconnected prime objects, which all associate through the common connection of quantifiable Elements of Causations. It is done exactly as the human brain handles information and analyzes it. In this way, Prisma is building an emerging interconnected knowledge base with native forecasting capabilities (machine-generated intuition).

So, basically, we do this in 3 steps:

  • Raw Data Capture

Prisma’s Quantum Relations Machine accepts raw unstructured (text) data into the system from thousands of validated public sources from around the world.

  • Data Optimization

The QRM then optimizes all aggregated data in a fully autonomous environment with zero human interference.

  • Knowledge Output

It is made available through Prisma’s + 3rd party applications. All knowledge is output through Prisma’s affiliate gateway products that will number in the many thousands.

Q: You create programs based on artificial intelligence + create portable equipment. Do you combine them? And have you thought about building your own device with your own software?

A: Edain does not create any hardware equipment. CryptoDATA, our partner in this project, builds and provides blockchain-encrypted devices with their own operating system, but these are not structurally combined with the Edain apps. CryptoDATA has created the Xiden blockchain in which the Edain smart contract resides and on which EAI transactions are executed. At this time, Edain is not planning to build any hardware devices.

Q: When I read that Edain has a staking program, I got curious about the profit calculation! Can you provide an example of a calculation to participate in it? Is there any interest that Edain charges for staking?

A: Of course, Edain has a staking program with a 10% APY. This means that if you stake 1000 EAI, for instance, after one year, you will have earned 100 EAI. However, you are not obligated to keep your tokens in staking for an entire year. The minimum staking period is 24 hours, and the rewards are calculated daily, so you can withdraw them at any time together with the EAI you have earned until that time. We do not charge users anything for staking. Basically, it is not an interest rate but just an incentive for users to hold their tokens.

Q: As a new project, does Edain Software have a program for ambassadors to attract more new users? If so, how can I become one of them?

A: We are always interested in collaborating with our community to spread and strengthen the knowledge about our project. We do not have a specific ambassador program, but we are open to proposals from the community regarding how to make our project better and more well-known. Anyone who wishes to collaborate with us can submit their proposals to our Telegram admins: @Sarah_8_0, @EdainTLK. We analyze each proposal carefully to see if it is beneficial to our community and us, and if we decide that it is, we reach out to the person who submitted it.

Q: What makes you feel confident about the survival & sustainable success of your project in the near future? What are your plans for global expansion? Share your plans for the future. How do you see the project in a couple of years?

A: Firstly, Edain is a part of Prisma Analytics startup. This project started back in 2016, and we heavily invested time, resources, and funding to build our prototyping until we launched the Edain project. So, basically, by launching the Edain project, we started the production of the already tested POCs. Therefore, we are sure that we can keep track record of success in the near future by expanding our footprint into the market with more c+8 based applications, adding more smart data to our knowledge vaults, and expanding our partnerships in the B2B and B2C sectors with new partnerships with platforms and attracting more users to our apps.

Q: What kind of partnerships with different projects/platforms/protocols can we expect from EAI in the future? Could you give us some examples of how other projects can leverage it?

A: A significant partnership that Edain is a part of is Prisma Analytics’ collaboration with Refinitiv, a subsidiary of the London Stock Exchange Group. In the future, our Decision Point application will become available on the Refinitiv Eikon platform. We are also working to create partnerships with various platforms like Etoro and Robinhood and additional, higher-tier exchanges to offer both Decision Point and Decision Point Crypto to their users.

Thank you for the answers, @CyberSia!