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Meet the true crypto travelers

Published 31 May 2022
Meet the true crypto travelers


Thank you for joining our Crypto voyage! The winners were determined among the users that have:

  • signed up on our exchange;
  • passed the identity verification;
  • followed us on Instagram or Twitter;
  • scored over 60% correct answers in our quiz.

Here are our lucky winners:


Here is the list of the correct answers:

  1. Mining in China is illegal.
  2. The countries with the biggest interest in cryptocurrencies ranked from 1 to 4 according to Chainalysis: Vietnam, India, Pakistan, and Ukraine.
  3. The famous NFT artist Beeple was born in Wisconsin (USA).
  4. A country with green mining only is Iceland.
  5. The home city of the world’s first NFT art museum is Seattle.
  6. In Nigeria, the government banned bank trading in crypto.
  7. The Bitcoin City does not exist. Plans to build this city have been announced recently.
  8. The percentage of the asset transfer tax in India is 30%.
  9. Universities that provide official cryptocurrency and blockchain courses are MIT and Stanford University.
  10. The Brazilian government named cryptocurrency “so-called virtual currencies” and does not yet control its operation.

The winners will receive the rewards within 5 business days after their determination.

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