🤩 The easiest way to get an NFT 🤩

Published 26 August 2022
🤩 The easiest way to get an NFT 🤩


We have an NFT Quiz for you in collab with WOO Network! Follow the link to take the test and get your well-deserved NFT as a prize. There are only two steps to take:

👣 sign up on the exchange, if you have not done so yet;

👣 answer at least 8 questions about NFTs correctly.

Duration: from the 26th till the 30th of August

It doesn’t get any easier! The questions will be based on our recent articles about NFTs: a general article, a text about the types of NFTs, and how to make them yourself.

😉 It’s just the beginning of the activities where you can earn NFTs. Winners of multiple NFTs will be able to exchange them for rewards.

If you answer all questions correctly you will be able to get your NFT here.

Use your brains to get profit!

WhiteBIT Team 

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