WhiteBIT Broker Program: Unlocking New Dimensions of Earnings

Published 30 November 2023
WhiteBIT Broker Program: Unlocking New Dimensions of Earnings


Are you looking to elevate your revenue streams in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency trading? Look no further than the WhiteBIT Broker Program, which offers an enticing opportunity for brokers and partners to maximize their earnings while seamlessly integrating the WhiteBIT exchange into their services.

Broker Program Terms

By joining this program you can earn up to 40% of trading fees. When users trade through your service, you can earn up to 40% of their trading fees on WhiteBIT.

Referral Program Rewards

Leverage our referral program to earn between 40% and 50% of the trading fees for users who sign up using your unique referral link.

You can also increase your percentage even more with WhiteBIT Coin (WBT): Boost your earnings by acquiring WhiteBIT Coin (WBT) and sending it to our Holding, unlocking the potential to receive up to 50% of trading fees.

WBT amount Referral program percentage
200 WBT 40%
4 000 WBT

10 000 WBT



30 000 WBT 46%
100 000 WBT 48%
2 000 000 WBT 50%

How does it work 

Just follow a few simple steps below in order to get started:

  • Integration Kick-off: Partners initiate integration of WhiteBIT platform into their offering
  • Cross-Marketing Support Approval: discuss and jointly approve cross-marketing support to promote the service
  • Technical Release: Execute the integration technically, ensuring a seamless connection with the WhiteBIT platform
  • Launch of Cross-Marketing Activities: Kick-start cross-marketing activities to build awareness and attract user attention.
  • Track and Scale: Monitor results closely and scale partnerships for further growth.

Cross-Marketing Activities

To ensure a successful partnership, WhiteBIT provides a comprehensive package of cross-marketing activities, including:

  • Social Media Presence: Engage with your audience through timely social media posts.
  • In-Depth Blog Posts: Inform and educate your users with blogs, providing in-depth reviews
  • Targeted Email Newsletters: Reach your audience directly with targeted email campaigns.
  • AMA Sessions: Run Ask-Me-Anything sessions to interact with your user base.
  • Trading Competitions: Get involvement with engaging trading competitions.

Joint Paid Promo

In order to take it a step further you can also make an additional impact with the activities below:

  • Precise Targeting: Optimize your outreach through targeted marketing efforts.
  • Influencer Collaborations: Leverage partnerships with influencers for broader visibility.
  • Press Releases: Spread the word with press releases on external platforms.

Join the WhiteBIT Broker Program today and unlock the potential to enhance your earnings while offering your users a seamless and rewarding cryptocurrency trading experience.