Congratulations on the 5th Anniversary of WhiteBIT!

Published 19 November 2023
Congratulations on the 5th Anniversary of WhiteBIT!


1800 days — 43,200 hours — 2,592,000 minutes — 155,520,000 seconds — this is just the beginning!

Five years signifies more than just the time span during which WhiteBIT has thrived; it represents an integral segment of our shared journey — characterized by continuous growth and accomplishments. Over these five years, we haven’t merely established an international company dedicated to blockchain development; we’ve cultivated a community that, day by day, reshapes the industry’s landscape, enhancing its features with unwavering professionalism.

  1. This year marked a period when the realms of crypto and blockchain technology appeared intricate, often perceived as a domain understood solely by IT professionals. In response to this complexity, our small startup in Kharkiv embarked on crafting its inaugural product — a spot trading service. Emphasizing convenience, simplicity, and security, this venture laid the foundation for what would become WhiteBIT.

The name WhiteBIT was a deliberate choice, with “White” serving as a counterweight to the shades of gray and black prevalent in the market. It symbolizes our commitment to honesty, openness, and transparency. From that initial moment to the present day, we have relentlessly developed and navigated the global crypto market, steadfastly adhering to these principles.

  1. This year signifies a remarkable journey for WhiteBIT. What began as a collective of crypto enthusiasts has blossomed into an international blockchain company boasting a robust team of over 1,000 professionals — among the most influential development teams globally. Comprising true experts in the realm of future technologies, this dedicated group has weathered significant events, including the third Bitcoin halving, transformative shifts in traditional financial institutions, the challenges of quarantine, and the crypto winter. It fills me with immense pride that the core team, integral to our inception, remains an integral part of our success.

Presently, WhiteBIT stands as one of Europe’s largest crypto exchanges, holding licenses across multiple countries. Evolving from a single spot trading service featuring twenty popular trading pairs, we have metamorphosed into an expansive ecosystem. In addition to the WhiteBIT crypto exchange, our portfolio includes the Whitepay crypto processing service, the decentralized WhiteSwap exchange, physical balance top-up cards WhiteEX, the crypto industry news portal GN Crypto, the groundbreaking ByHi Show blockchain entertainment show, — an innovative P2P marketplace for CS:GO skins trading, the WhiteBIT Coin (WBT), and our blockchain, WB Network. This diversification underscores our commitment to continual growth, innovation, and leadership in the dynamic landscape of the blockchain industry.

Every move by WhiteBIT sets the level, and in our five years of operation, we’ve prioritized key aspects that define our success:

  • Users. Our community has surpassed 4 million worldwide, a testament to the trust we’ve earned. Constant dialogue with our audience enables us to convert their requests and ideas into tangible innovations, all while maintaining reliability, transparency, and convenience.
  • Security. Ensuring the security of customer data and financial transactions is our primary focus. WhiteBIT is recognized as the third most secure cryptocurrency exchange by, and an independent audit by Hacken awarded us the prestigious AAA rating, securing our position as the second most secure exchange globally.
  • Technologies. We continually enhance our platform’s quality for millions of users. Through in-house improvements and innovative product creation, our team dedicates weeks, months, and even tens of months to fruitful work.
  • Partnerships. Over the past five years, powerful collaborations have shaped WhiteBIT’s history and brought cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies closer to the world. From enabling crypto payments for national football team tickets to partnerships with iconic clubs like “Barcelona” and “Trabzonspor,” we extend our influence into the sports community. Exclusive collaborations with the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and the National University “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” contribute to the development of the crypto-educational system in Ukraine.
  • Ukraine Engagement. Ukraine is at the heart of our initiatives. Supporting the nation’s quest for freedom, we’ve contributed over 415 million hryvnias during the year and a half of the invasion. Collaborations with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs resulted in inclusive initiatives for Ukrainians with hearing impairments, a consultation call center, a chatbot, and the distribution of emergency aid kits. Our ongoing commitment extends to charitable, cultural, and educational initiatives, reinforcing our dedication to Ukraine’s well-being and success.

Our Plans 

I know that in the future, cryptocurrency will become an indispensable part of life. Therefore, our main intention is to continue to develop and improve the infrastructure for its mass adoption.

We are building a bridge between traditional financial systems and blockchain. The WB Network, WB Soul Ecosystem, and grant projects are just the beginning. There is more to come.

What a remarkable five years it has been! Thanks to our incredible team, the vibrant crypto community, and valued partners. We are here to Set the Level!


Volodymyr Nosov

Founder & CEO of WhiteBIT