Discussions about Cryptocurrency and More: Key Insights from the Events We Attended

Published 22 June 2023
Discussions about Cryptocurrency and More: Key Insights from the Events We Attended


Discussions about Cryptocurrency and More: Key Insights from the Events We Attended

May and June were highly productive for our team, not only in the context of functional updates but also due to the number of conferences we attended. We discussed crypto payments and the prospects of digital currencies, Web3, market regulation, and many other hot topics at events that we can’t wait to discuss.

Visited our European friends and made new ones

Next Block Expo. Warsaw, Poland

WhiteBIT and one of our ecosystem companies, Whitepay, garnered significant attention at Next Block Expo 2023, held in Warsaw, Poland, on May 24 and 25, 2023. Notably, the participants of this event recognized the innovative crypto-processing platform, Whitepay as the leading crypto-payment project. Next Block Expo is a prominent gathering that brings together influential figures from the Web3 industry. The event witnessed an impressive turnout, with over 2000 visitors and the participation of more than 70 distinguished speakers, along with 30 sponsors, exhibitors, and partners. The discussions at the expo encompassed a wide range of topics, including global perspectives on DeFi sector development, business models for crypto startups and regulation, and practical considerations surrounding the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. The success and recognition received by WhiteBIT and Whitepay at the event further affirm their position as industry leaders in the blockchain and crypto space.

Money20/20. Amsterdam, Netherlands

On June 6–8, our company was invited to attend Money20/20 — one of the largest conferences for representatives of the fintech industry. More than 7 000 delegates from 90 countries discussed the most relevant issues from DeFi and presented their projects to each other.

Brightened Ukrainian stars

ЕTHKyiv Kyiv

On May 20, our CEO had the privilege of delivering an impactful online speech at ETHKyiv, one of Ukraine’s most prominent Ethereum community events. The captivating topic of his presentation was “The role of Ukrainians in global FinTech.” Volodymyr’s speech resonated deeply with the audience, making it the event’s most widely quoted and attention-grabbing talk. ETHKyiv served as a platform for exchanging cutting-edge ideas about Web3, with speakers delving into various topics such as the government’s engagement with innovation, Ukrainian blockchain enterprises, the realm of NFTs, and blockchain education. The event attracted over 700 attendees from 20 different regions nationwide, along with more than 4000 online viewers. As the general partner of this significant occasion, our company proudly facilitated the participation of representatives from WhiteBIT, Whitepay, and WhiteBIT Invest, enabling them to attend the event in person.

Exhibition “Module of Temporality”. Kyiv

Our company proudly partnered with the MOT cultural space on Square of Contracts in Kyiv. The primary objective of this initiative is to bolster Ukrainian culture and extend financial support to art institutions that have endured the consequences of war. Alongside representatives from the vibrant Ukrainian art scene, visitors to the exhibition had the opportunity to see the works of artists from France, the USA, Switzerland, South Korea, Portugal, Spain, India, and Albania. Notably, this remarkable project attracted over 30 000 visitors during its operational period, fostering a deep appreciation for diverse artistic expressions. The exhibition started in February and lasted until the end of May. Currently, the project continues to thrive in Dnipro.

Diia.Education. Kyiv

A notable crypto event in Ukraine was the webinar series titled “The World of Сryptocurrencies and Blockchain: Where to Start?” organized by Diia.Education. Commencing on May 22, this initiative aimed to empower Ukrainians with a comprehensive understanding of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and digital assets. Our CEO, Volodymyr Nosov, was a keynote speaker for the inaugural webinar “Cryptocurrencies are a new reality.” Volodymyr’s online speech has garnered the highest number of views among all the webinars presented within the project. The live stream of his informative talk was broadcasted on Diia’s official channels, including YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

Kyiv Invest Meetup. Kyiv

The Kyiv Invest Meetup was held on June 8, a regular event where private investors gather for networking and insights sharing. Among the speakers was our founder and CEO Volodymyr Nosov, who spoke about how DeFi and Blockchain are changing global finance. The main theses of the speech were:

  • Cryptocurrencies — the new gold or an alternative to traditional finance?
  • Successful global blockchain-based financial projects with regulatory approval.
  • WhiteBIT educational projects in Ukraine.

Incrypted Conference. Kyiv

On June 10 and 11, the highly anticipated “Incrypted Conference 2023,” one of the key crypto events in Ukraine, unfolded across two stages. Our exchange proudly assumed the role of the event’s primary partner. The conference commenced with a free online marathon, accessible to all, followed by an engaging offline meetup at UNIT.City. The event’s agenda encompassed diverse topics, including the future of Web3, the impact of cryptocurrencies on Ukraine’s economy, the significance of education, and the role of supportive legislation in attracting international capital. Esteemed speakers representing 16 global and Ukrainian crypto projects shared their valuable insights. Volodymyr Nosov, CEO and founder of WhiteBIT delivered the online conference’s opening speech, highlighting the role of cryptocurrencies in Ukraine and how the industry can contribute to the nation’s post-war recovery. The “Incrypted Conference 2023” provided an excellent platform for knowledge exchange and furthered the advancement of the crypto ecosystem in Ukraine.

Had amazing insights with good friends from Turkey

Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit. Istanbul

We participated in the Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit on May 10 and 11. As Eurasia’s largest blockchain event, it gathered 3 000 industry representatives from 80 countries. Our company delegates from the Turkish and Spanish offices attended this noteworthy occasion. We presented WhiteBIT products and their practical application and discussed the prospects for using digital assets and blockchain technology.

Discussed innovations in Georgia

Crypto Bazari. Tbilisi

Our exchange proudly served as the primary partner of the Crypto Bazari event held on May 20 in Tbilisi. Crypto Bazari is the largest crypto community in Georgia, which recently organized a podcast and series focusing on cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. Our CEO, Volodymyr Nosov, delivered a captivating online speech during the WhiteBIT product presentation, addressing queries from the engaged audience. Nana Keburiya, CEO of WhiteBIT Georgia & Payunicard, also actively participated in a panel discussion. We engaged in meaningful conversations with prominent figures in the Georgian blockchain industry. To express our gratitude, we concluded the event by distributing 20 USDT each to the 30 fortunate attendees.

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