Introducing World Challenge Game — The First Board Game with Blockchain Technology

Published 20 October 2023
Introducing World Challenge Game — The First Board Game with Blockchain Technology


WhiteBIT Launchpad is ready to welcome another remarkable project on October 24! Prepare your voting power and dive into the details of the future market participant.

What is World Challenge Game?

World Challenge Game is an innovative gaming and entertainment company and a registered trademark with the EUIPO, facilitating international expansion. As the name suggests, the team has pioneered the creation of the first-ever board game that seamlessly integrates a mobile app and blockchain technology. This board game offers a captivating fusion of strategy and general knowledge in English and Spanish.

The inaugural edition of the game comes with a complimentary NFT that users can utilize within the World Challenge mobile app. Each physical game box contains a unique QR code, ensuring a seamless and secure process for redeeming NFTs.

The mobile version of World Challenge Game is entirely free and encompasses all the essence of the board game, plus an added dose of fun! The mobile app enables users to engage with players from across the globe, enhancing the global gaming experience.

Additionally, in World Challenge Game, users can leverage NFTs to unlock incredible rewards through their knowledge.

$WORLD stands as the utility token within the ecosystem. A portion of the earnings generated from the game, including ad revenue and purchases, will be allocated to repurchasing tokens from the market for burning. Another portion will be dedicated to rewarding the valued players.

Voting and Token Distribution

The voting for World Challenge Game will commence on October 24! Here’s a peek into WORLD tokenomics to ensure you’re well-informed. The total supply of WORLD is 21,000,000 tokens, with 526 320 tokens allocated for WhiteBIT Launchpad, which is approximately 2.5% of the total supply. In case of the Launchpad success, the members will receive an immediate allocation of 20% of the new tokens, with the remaining 80% distributed proportionally over a span of 12 months within a vesting mechanism. The distribution of the rest 80% will commence one month after the listing.

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