Meet Diamond Pigs: Your AI-powered Automated Trading Platform

Published 11 October 2023
Meet Diamond Pigs: Your AI-powered Automated Trading Platform


Everything is moving towards automatization. Surely, trading cannot stand aside. Today, over 70% of all trades are operated by AI trading bots, but not humans.

The more data it can analyze and the faster it can predict the market tendencies, the better it is. This article will tell you more about Diamond Pigs — AI-driven trading bots for 24/7 trading optimization.

How You Can Automate Your Trading on the Crypto Exchanges

Let’s understand what exactly automated trading means. Automated or algorithmic trading uses crypto trading bots (specialized software and algorithms) to explore market data and automatically open and close trades. The main benefits of automated trading are the following:

  • Trading 24/7 — bots or programs can trade continuously, seven days a week, without human intervention;
  • Speed — instant response to market changes;
  • Scalability — bots can engage in high-frequency trading or execute trades with unlimited volumes;
  • Objectivity — emotions are eliminated, algorithms adhere to defined rules, and decisions are made based on data.

Types of Automated Trading

There are several ways to automate your trading:

  • Arbitrage Bots

Arbitrage trading bots basically buy from one platform and sell on another to make a profit.

The goal is to benefit from pricing deviations across numerous platforms.

  • Market Making Bots

Market-making bots are used to provide liquidity. Basically, it’s buying and selling an asset to profit from the gap between the ask and bid prices.

  • Set of Trading Rules

Some platforms allow setting numerous orders and rules to execute trades based on it. For example, on the WhiteBIT crypto exchange, you can automate your trading using a Multi-Limit Order feature and place an orders grid. It’s a mode that enables you to establish a grid of Limit orders for the purchase or sale of an asset. Set the upper and lower price limits within the grid, specify the number of orders, and opt for either an arithmetic or geometric progression to determine the price for each order within the defined range.

  • Automated Trading Grids

Other platforms may offer automated trading grids that endlessly place orders using specified conditions. Usually, the trader sets the price range, number of orders, and interval between orders.

  • Copy Trading 

Some exchanges allow you to track other traders and copycat their strategy. Basically, the investor just follows the orders of another trader.

Optimizing Crypto Investments with Diamond Pigs

Diamond Pigs is an all-in-one platform that offers AI-powered customizable bots and flexible wallet management. Here, crypto exchange users can select investment strategies to manage and optimize their crypto investments with minimal effort.

It employs trading bots that track activities across a wide range of cryptocurrencies. These bots operate 24/7, determining the optimal conditions to buy and sell.

All strategies are automated. Also, users can safeguard against market downturns through temporary transfers to stablecoins, with the option to re-enter cryptocurrencies when prices are on the rise.

Diamond Pigs offers its users two types of strategies: active and index strategies.

The active strategies are ideal for those who like to adapt to market sentiments dynamically. These strategies are powered by AI-driven bots determining the best times to buy and sell. All while being automated.

  • Gascon

In this strategy, you trade BTC & ETH only. Users buy on positive sentiment and sell on market decline.

  • Duroc

It’s a smart crypto selection. This strategy offers protection from sudden price corrections and takes profits after significant gains. A broadly diversified portfolio of coins benefitting from market price movements.

  • Pennywell

It’s all about green coins. Users hold positions when the market is indecisive and take profit after significant gains. It consists of an environmentally friendly portfolio of coins, benefitting from price movements within the entire crypto market.

  • Hereford

This method is for those who only trade BTC. Traders buy when the sentiment is positive and sell when the market goes down. The strategy of choice for Bitcoin maximalists.

The index strategy is suited for users who prefer a hands-off approach. This strategy consists of the biggest market cap crypto coins (top 10) and rebalances monthly.

Users can combine several strategies according to market conditions and personal preferences. In addition, WhiteBIT users can designate either their entire wallet or only a part of it for automatic trading.

Diamond Pigs’ History and Mission

Over the years, the team has accumulated knowledge they aim to share with users. They aim to help users achieve successful trading outcomes by promoting a long-term, strategic approach to crypto investments. This approach moves away from the “quick profit” mindset and encourages users to learn, understand, and profit from the ever-evolving financial era of cryptocurrency.

The main feature of the platform is its transparency. Diamond Pigs’ dashboard is user-friendly, offering real-time performance metrics, trading fees, trades, billing options, timeline graphs, and monthly crypto newsletters or videos.

So, it’s a flexible and transparent cryptocurrency trading platform that empowers users to customize their experience. Diamond Pigs offers an AI-powered crypto trading platform designed for WhiteBIT users. The platform allows flexible wallet management, customizable asset allocation, and various trading strategies.

What Are the Benefits of Using Trading Bots?

Here are the main benefits of the Diamond Pigs trading AI-bots:

  • Trading bots are active 24/7 continuously;
  • Users can buy and sell a lot faster;
  • Platform responds to fast market sell-offs;
  • Users can monitor large amounts of coins at the same time;
  • Possibility to stay out of the market during downtrends and thus limit losses;
  • Flexible wallet management with customizable asset allocation and diversified trading strategies.

Other Features Offered by Diamond Pigs

Users can allocate their entire wallet or a portion of it for Diamond Pigs to manage. They can also hold or trade specific coins independently. The platform is designed to empower users and aligns with their investment goals and strategies. Users have the option to stop the service at any time.

The Diamond Pigs user dashboard is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. Users can access real-time performance metrics, information on trading fees, trades, and multiple billing options with just a few clicks. Additionally, the dashboard offers timeline graphs, as well as monthly crypto newsletters or videos to help users stay informed and up-to-date on the latest market trends.

To sum up, Diamond Pigs is an automated crypto trading platform that offers a blend of automated AI strategies and user-driven decisions. The platform empowers its users to choose how they want to interact with it, putting a strong emphasis on flexibility, transparency, and a personalized experience. Overall, Diamond Pigs presents itself as a comprehensive solution for anyone looking to trade cryptocurrencies.