HEC | Available on WhiteBIT

Published 29 April 2022
HEC | Available on WhiteBIT


On the 5th of May 2022 (2 p.m. UTC), the Heroes Chained HEC token will join our exchange paired against USDT. The deposits of this cryptocurrency will be opened a little earlier, on the 4th of May.

Blockchain games that allow you to earn cryptocurrency by completing missions, spending time online, or selling in-game NFT items continue to gain popularity. The Heroes Chained project stands out among others with its revolutionary “Play & Earn” concept as an alternative to the well-known “Play to Earn”.

According to this concept, the main focus should be on providing users with a unique and exciting gaming experience that would encourage them to play for fun while receiving cryptocurrency and not just concentrate on earning. Therefore, the team approached the game world and gameplay development with great care, including the mechanics of crafting and a variety of characters.

While playing, users get a lot of opportunities to earn HEC tokens, from completing quests to mining on virtual land plots. On the platform, crypto can be used for trading NFT items, providing liquidity, lending, participating in governance by voting for game decisions, etc.

Adding the HEC token to our exchange will give our users an opportunity to get acquainted with an interesting project and trade a promising asset.

About Heroes Chained

Heroes Chained is a real-time fantasy RPG blockchain game. The player becomes a Guild Master and gathers a band of heroes to fight against the forces of the Dark Lord Oblivion. The magical metaverse of Heroes Chained features a wide variety of PVE and PVP gameplay. Players can enjoy the game and earn cryptocurrency while traveling through the enigmatic world of Ventuna.

WhiteBIT Team