WhiteBIT and Tabletochki | Let’s do good together!

Published 09 June 2022
WhiteBIT and Tabletochki | Let’s do good together!


Great news! Making a charitable donation in cryptocurrency to support the wards of the Charitable Foundation Tabletochki has become even more convenient thanks to the Whitepay service. Cryptoprocessing platform Whitepay, a part of our exchange ecosystem, allows you to transfer funds for charity in all cryptocurrencies available on WhiteBIT. This list will expand over time. The platform is also responsible for conducting audits and customer support.

Tabletochki is the largest charitable foundation in Ukraine in the field of pediatric oncology, which works in four areas: targeted assistance to families, systematic assistance to children’s oncology departments, protection of children’s rights, and professional development of medical staff.

Childhood cancer is very dangerous yet often curable. Together we can improve the recovery statistics. Thanks to this partnership, every cryptocurrency owner will be able to easily and quickly make a charitable contribution and give children a bright and healthy future.

“We are pleased to involve the crypto community in helping children and consider it a great honor to match the capabilities of crypto enthusiasts with a group of people in need of serious support,” said Whitepay CEO Glib Udovichenko.

Join the fight against childhood cancer and change the world for the better!

WhiteBIT Team