A brief history of one asset

Published 27 October 2021
 A brief history of one asset


On the 20th of October, the BTC price reached an all-time high, breaking the $67,000 record!

Lets have a look at how the price changed over time.

2008 the bitcoin.org domain was registered.

2009 the beginning of mining. The BTC price was technically $0.

2010 the price began to grow.

2011 the asset crossed the $1 mark and began to grow up to $32.

2012 the first Bitcoin halving in history took place.

2013 the price increased to $1000.

2014-2016 the beginning of the long winter of Bitcoin caused by the hack of Mt. Gox

2017 a watershed year in BTC history. The price increased from $960 to $19,483 in a year.

2018 another price collapse down to $3,800. Another cryptocurrency winter began.

2019 one of the most volatile periods, characteristic of sharp price jumps and drops.

2020-2021 the highest rate of BTC growth is recorded.

WhiteBIT Team