$300,000 For Bitcoin In 2021 And Other Expert Forecasts

Published 30 December 2020
$300,000 For Bitcoin In 2021 And Other Expert Forecasts


2020 was proof of the traditional financial system imperfection. At a time when the world was plunged into crisis, the crypto community was jubilant because of the positive dynamics of the main digital asset — Bitcoin.

However, the higher the Bitcoin rate, the more hypotheses appear about how the main cryptocurrency will behave in 2021.

Today we propose to learn about the most incredible experts’ assumptions and make our own conclusions.

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$74 000: Todd Gordon’s forecast

Todd Gordon, TradingAnalysis’ founder, said in an interview with CNBC that Bitcoin will hit $74,000 in 2021.

The expert operates with the Elliott Wave Theory, which he often uses when making his forecasts. Todd Gordon is sure that the current market situation is similar to Bitcoin’s growth in 2014 when the coin demonstrated a 658% rally

Even if this scenario doesn’t work, Bitcoin will still show excellent growth. According to the forecast of the TradingAnalysis founder, the lowest rate of the main cryptocurrency by the end of 2021 could be at around $34,000. At the same time, Gordon is more inclined towards the figure of $74 thousand, since his technical analysis, based on the Elliott wave, combines well with the Fibonacci ratios and rarely let him down before.

$100 000: Mark Tepper’s and Anthony Pompliano’s forecasts

Comparing Bitcoin with Tesla shares, Mark Tepper, CEO of Strategic Wealth Partners, defines the maximum growth at $100,000.

He is confident that the largest-cap coin could be the Tesla of 2021, the shares of which soared by a record 500%.

At the same time, the minimum indicator of the asset rate could reach $40 thousand by the end of the year.

Another expert, co-founder of the investment company Morgan Creek Digital Anthony Pompliano is also sure of Bitcoin’s growth to $100 thousand. He operates with the opinion that Bitcoin has already established itself in the financial market and it’s becoming more and more attractive for institutional investors and billionaires.

$200 000: Willy Woo’s forecast

Crypto analyst Willy Woo is also positive about Bitcoin’s growth in 2021. He told his Twitter followers that he had never been so confident in his bullish position and even excluded an indicator of $300 thousand.

His forecast is based on an intensified bullish feedback loop, and by the end of 2021, we will see six-digit numbers on exchanges for one coin.

But Woo still determined that $200 thousand for one BTC is a more possible scenario, but he wouldn’t be surprised at the explosive growth to $300 thousand.

$250 000: Raoul Pal’s forecast

The CEO of the Real Vision channel and crypto enthusiast Raoul Pal also believes in Bitcoin’s growth and predicts a rate of $250,000 for it.

He said that next year will be a breakthrough for the cryptocurrency industry, as institutional investors drew attention to it. Pal is also confident that now Bitcoin is growing not on speculative sentiment, as it was in 2017, but on the large players’ infusions, for example, the Grayscale fund, PayPal, and Square companies.

“It’s amazing. No other asset has the prospect of growing five, ten, or twenty times in a short time. And Bitcoin has such a prospect”, — the expert noted.

$318 000: Tom Fitzpatrick’s forecast

The most incredible Bitcoin price prediction was made by Tom Fitzpatrick, Managing Director of Citibank. The expert’s opinion was published in the report for institutional clients of a financial institution.

Fitzpatrick conducted a technical analysis of the previous highs and lows of the asset rate and came to the conclusion that Bitcoin will be worth $318 thousand by December 2021.

The analyst compared cryptocurrency to gold and explained that the overall Bitcoin’s growth is a consequence of the 2008 crisis, and we’re seeing the latest highs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Gold had a similar growth scenario in the 1970s.


No matter how incredible these assumptions may seem to us, we can say with certainty only one thing — this year has become indicative for the cryptocurrency world and we’re turning the calendar in positive territory. We have witnessed a fall in the financial market, but only the crypto industry quickly recovered and continued to grow.

Surely, the market is becoming more and more attractive for both retail and large investors.

Even conservative experts are less and less often refer to Bitcoin as a “Soap Bubble” and more and more often register their accounts on crypto exchanges.

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