NFT News: Spring in the World of Blockchain Technologies

Published 21 March 2022
NFT News: Spring in the World of Blockchain Technologies


Non-fungible tokens remain one of the favorite topics of both crypto-innovation fans and modern content creators. The scope of NFT is expanding, just like the price tags for unique tokens are growing. We offer to take a look at the latest news from the field of non-fungible tokens.

NFT for Ukraine

On the 1st of March, over $200,000 in NFTs from the CryptoPunks collection was sent to the crypto fund accounts of Ukraine. The sender of the transaction chose to remain anonymous. Meanwhile, Ukraine DAO raised $6.75 million at the Ukrainian flag NFT auction. Earlier this week, it was reported that Ukraine’s cryptocurrency funds raised over $80 million in crypto. The sums received will be sent to help victims of the war in Ukraine.

Ukrainian artists have launched an initiative to create a special NFT collection. The proceeds from the sale will go to the AFU (the Armed Forces of Ukraine) and the affected citizens of Ukraine. Over 200 artists plan to raise at least $1 million by showing the world their work, as well as digital versions of children’s drawings from bomb shelters.

NFT counterfeit protection

The Swiss company Kore Technologies has created the LuxeID app, which connects luxury goods manufacturers with NFT platforms. Since the blockchain stores all information about changes in the NFTs ownership, manufacturers can track the market of purchased goods better. Non-fungible tokens have also become a new means of communication between brands and the target audience. Beyond traditional marketing strategies, brands aim to integrate NFTs to build a loyal community around their products. For example, a band can communicate with their fans through tokens linked to merchandise that allows them to meet celebrities and more.

More big companies in the NFT market

Attracting new audiences and maintaining customer loyalty with NFT works for the food industry too. Monster Energy (NASDAQ: MNST) is entering the NFT market with several related trademarks. The company plans to upload digital assets in the form of food, drinks, sports, and clothing. Also, such companies as McDonald’s, Clinique, L’OFFICIEL showed interest in NFT technologies to promote their business.

NFT and the Venice Biennale

The 59th Venice Biennale will present an exhibition of crypto art for the first time ever. It will occupy a part of the debut national pavilion of Cameroon. It will host two exhibitions: Liceo Artistico Statale Michelangelo Guggenheim and Palazzi Ca’ Bernardo. The first will feature IRL art by four Cameroonian and four international artists. In the second Global Crypto Art, DAO will host an NFT show.

Artificial intelligence will play NFT

The NFT ecosystem GameFi Metap is gearing up to become the leading NFT game and metaverse. The project is completely based on artificial intelligence, which is one of its key features. This technology has the potential to impact the NFT gaming ecosystem and bring major changes to the gaming experience on mobile devices and the metaverse.