Ways to Help Ukraine: Whitepay story

Published 20 January 2023
Ways to Help Ukraine: Whitepay story


Whitepay is a Ukrainian SaaS company that provides cryptocurrency solutions for business and charity: crypto acquiring, POS terminals and payment pages. It was founded about a year ago with great ambition and growth plans. However, not all of these have yet been realized due to Russian aggression that devastated the dreams and lives of many Ukrainians.

Pro-Russian media are spreading lies about the war, defaming the honor of the Ukrainian defense forces, and rewriting Ukrainian history. Though, the true goal of Russian terrorists is to destroy the Ukrainian nation and seize the entire territory of Ukraine. That is why Ukrainians have been selflessly fighting against the Russian invaders in all possible ways.

One such way is donating to Ukrainian defenders and volunteers!

Whitepay donation platform

Whitepay couldn’t stand aside and launched a cryptocurrency donation campaign right after the war began. All crypto donations from the Whitepay platform are quickly converted to Ukrainian hryvnias and transferred to the official organizations.

Whitepay has already raised and transferred more than 100 million USDT. And yet the number of donations is growing every day!

On the Whitepay platform, you can donate to the following institutions:

The company cooperates with 50+ foundations that help both the military and Ukrainians affected by the war. Among them are the United24 fundraising platform, Charity Foundation Tabletochki, Charity Foundation Dobro.ua, Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation, and others.

Ukrainians are only dreaming about peace and safety on their land. So let’s make it possible together!

Glory to Ukraine!