📌 Use trusted sources to secure your funds 📌

Published 26 February 2022
📌 Use trusted sources to secure your funds 📌


There have recently appeared lots of scam websites and Telegram Bots copying our interface to steal the users’ funds. They are in no way related to WhiteBIT, and we’re not responsible for their actions. 

👉 Please, be careful before you click on a link contained in an e-mail or other message.
The only official website we have is https://whitebit.com.
Our official Apps for IOS and Android:

All our activities take place in our Medium and not on Reddit. 

Here’s a list of the list of the latest scam websites we encountered: 

❌ rockyCHANGE
❌ whiteBITEX
❌ WhiteBIT biz
❌ pansBIT
❌ smartexBIT
❌ armonCOIN
❌ hotfixBIT
❌ cryptoXFACTORY
❌ cryptoROZ
❌ WalletCoin
❌ CAPITALmarts
❌ smmBIT
❌ coinroz
❌ ozBIT
❌ rifBIT
❌ mivBIT
❌ electraBIT
❌ vauBIT
❌ InfiniteBTC

You can always contact our Support Team to clarify any questions. Keep your data safe!

WhiteBIT Team