Deposit and withdraw USDC on Stellar

Published 28 June 2022
Deposit and withdraw USDC on Stellar


We are excited to inform you that the deposits and withdrawals of USD Coin (USDC) are now open on the Stellar network. 

USDC on Stellar combines the power of the Stellar network with the security of a US dollar-backed digital asset. Blockchain technologies make it possible to make instant dollar transfers in the form of USDC on Stellar and convert it into any world currency. Stellar is an open-source network that aims to create conditions for fast, reliable, and convenient transactions anywhere in the world.

If the Stellar network offers the best routes for your assets, USDC is a convenient tool for moving them. The asset is issued by a US-regulated financial institution, backed by reserved assets, and is backed by USD reserves at a 1:1 ratio. The combination of these elements takes money transfers to the next level thanks to the following components:

✔️ autonomy: the user can choose the blockchain for the transaction;

✔️ speed: operations are carried out within a few seconds;

✔️ affordability: network transaction costs are just a fraction of a penny.

Take advantage of this revolutionary blockchain technology on our exchange!

WhiteBIT Team