Trade Automatically, Hold, and Take Control. All in One Wallet. Exclusively for WhiteBIT users

Published 04 October 2023
Trade Automatically, Hold, and Take Control. All in One Wallet. Exclusively for WhiteBIT users


Nothing is more inspiring than process automation!

Now, this is possible in trading as well. Why limit yourself to just holding or trading? With Diamond Pigs extended trading platform, you can do both — and much more. Hold your favorite coins while smart bots handle the trading, or take matters into your own hands and trade manually. Your strategy, your choice.

Plus, the Diamond Pigs platform offers the ultimate flexibility. You can combine AI-driven bots for set-it-and-forget-it trading with manual trading for your favorite coins. All from one WhiteBIT wallet. So, your assets are still under your control!

Moreover, the automated cryptocurrency trading platform gives WhiteBIT users a free full subscription to all services til the end of 2023! No catches or gimmicks. Starting in 2024, Diamond Pigs’ fees will come from a small portion of your profits — they succeed when you do.

Types of Diamond Pigs strategies

Diamond Pigs offers two types of strategies:

  • The active strategies are ideal for those who like to adapt to market sentiments dynamically. If you have more risk tolerance, select from Gascon (BTC & ETH), Duroc (Altcoins), Pennywell (Green Coins), or Hereford (BTC only). These strategies are powered by AI-driven bots determining the best times to buy and sell. All while being automated.
  • The index strategy is suited for users who prefer a hands-off approach. This strategy consists of the biggest market cap crypto coins (top 10) and rebalances monthly.

Users can combine several strategies according to market conditions and personal preferences. In addition, WhiteBIT users can designate either their entire wallet or only a part of it for automatic trading.


To connect Diamond Pigs, follow these simple steps:

  • Fill in your personal information. Read and agree to Diamond Pigs’ terms & conditions.

  • Time for Step 2 of the onboarding. Click the “Take me there” button.

  • Follow the instructions of the step-by-step wizard to connect Diamond Pigs with your WhiteBIT account.

  • Now keep 2 websites open: one is the Diamond Pigs onboarding page, and the other is the WhiteBIT website. On WhiteBIT’s website, click the API settings and “Edit” API keys.

  • Generate a new API Key. Make sure to select the correct permissions.

  • Copy and paste the Secret Key and the Key into the Diamond Pigs onboarding page.

  • On the WhiteBIT page, click the “IP access” button. Ensure to enable it and add the IP address as

  • Return to the Diamond Pigs onboarding page and click the “Test Key” button. After completing it, it’s time for the last step of the onboarding. Click the “I’m ready” button.

  • If you would like to allocate only part of your portfolio to the management, the “Exclude coins” feature is for you. Follow the instructions on the page to exclude chosen coins from portfolio management.

  • Click the swipe button to execute the investment strategy and confirm. From now on, Diamond Pigs will manage your WhiteBIT wallet.

Congratulations! From now on, your trading is automated with Diamond Pigs, while you can focus on something else.

So, take advantage of another opportunity in the crypto market. Engage with multiple trading strategies without switching platforms. Click here to experience the future of crypto trading.