WhiteBIT Cooperates with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine: Memorandum Details

Published 06 April 2022


Our exchange continues to join forces with the state to help Ukrainians during the war. Thanks to our representative offices in foreign countries and the technical and informational resources, we can help the citizens of Ukraine who have been forced to leave the country.

Key areas of work ⬇️

📌 Providing assistance to the consular service of Ukraine in the countries where our representative offices operate.

📌 Supporting the Anti-Crisis Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the 24-hour call center to provide consultations to the citizens of Ukraine.

📌 Supporting the technical equipment of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs mobile groups.

📌 Facilitating the transition of foreign diplomatic institutions to barrier-free digital spaces.

We continue to work, establish cooperation with the state, and help Ukraine. By scaling up the business in other countries, we scale up social projects essential for maintaining democracy and European values.

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