WhiteBIT became the Official Cryptocurrency Exchange Partner of FC Barcelona

Published 13 December 2022
WhiteBIT became the Official Cryptocurrency Exchange Partner of FC Barcelona


We opt to conclude partnerships in style. Hence, we’re genuinely excited to announce that WhiteBIT became an official cryptocurrency exchange partner of FC Barcelona. The cooperation involves not only media presence during games of the main teams, but also star collaborations, joint projects and much more. The development of advanced technologies does not stand still, just like the development of professional sports. That is why we choose to walk this path together!

We signed a three-year cooperation agreement with FC Barcelona, extended until June 2025.

Throughout this period, WhiteBIT will act as an official global partner to several critical elements of FC Barcelona, including the first men’s and women’s teams and the club’s indoor sports ecosystem, i.e. basketball, futsal, handball, and roller hockey. In addition, our agreement covers collaboration with the Barça innovation hub, Bihub, a professional football research center that aims to shape the future and set the industry standard. As part of the partnership, our exchange will cooperate with Barça legends to popularize advanced technological and sports solutions. It is worth noting that we will officially support the eSports space of Barcelona as we also become the official partner of the Barca eSport team.

Collaboration of this scale again confirms that the leaders of progressive solutions should and will support each other. Because professional sport is all about dynamics, and blockchain is about the future. Put them together, and you will get an eternal engine that will drive the most valuable aspirations of a progressive society.