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Published 29 December 2021
🔍 Check out all of our products 🔍


The WhiteBIT ecosystem includes multiple projects aimed to make users’ lives easier. Find out how each of them can benefit you ⬇️

WhiteBIT is a centralized crypto-to-fiat exchange where you can trade, exchange, and HODL a wide variety of assets. We meet all KYC and AML requirements.

DECL Token (DECL) is our exclusive internal off-chain token. This intermediary asset is used for trading cryptos whose price is lower than 0.0001 USDT.

WhiteSwap represents a community-governed AMM DEX. It allows you to earn by providing liquidity to any of the nine liquidity pools available.

WhitePay is a crypto POS solution for your business. Receive payments from your clients in cryptocurrency and get a bank transfer to your business account.

Bitcoin Global is a P2P platform where you can buy and sell cryptocurrency everywhere without intermediaries.

Gagarin Show is the world’s first YouTube entertainment show about cryptocurrencies that features celebrities.

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WhiteBIT Team