Margin trading fee updated: what’s new

Published 31 October 2022
Margin trading fee updated: what’s new


Margin trading allows using borrowed funds to increase the potential profit from crypto trading. The amount of borrowed funds depends on the leverage value. On our exchange, you can improve your order size up to 10 times with 10x leverage.

You must pay a commission of 0.098% daily when using borrowed funds. “But why pay if the order hasn’t been executed?” we thought. Therefore, we decided to change the principle of calculating the fees for trading with leverage.

What has changed

Previously, the exchange provided funds for margin orders when a user placed an order. If the limit order did not trigger immediately, the user still had to pay a commission.

To optimize trading with leverage, we have updated the algorithm for using borrowed funds. From now on, commissions will be considered only if at least part of the placed order is executed.

It means that you will no longer have to pay a fee for the use of borrowed funds if the limit order with the use of leverage is not executed at all.

As a result, margin trading becomes more profitable. We wish your leveraged order to bring you only profit!