Deposit EUR via Checkout at a Reduced Fee till July 31

Published 14 July 2023
Deposit EUR via Checkout at a Reduced Fee till July 31


Another day, another piece of good news! We are delighted to announce that until July 31, 2023, you can use a fee discount on euro (EUR) deposits made via Checkout.

Please be aware that the fee rates during this period will vary between European and non-European banks, ensuring a tailored experience for our users. Take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy reduced fees on euro transactions while it lasts!

Fees for EU Banks

The standard fee for depositing EUR is 1.5%. And until July 31, 2023, it will equal only 1.1% for cards issued by the banks of the European Union.

Fees for Non-EU Banks

The fee for depositing EUR via Checkout for cards of non-European banks is usually 3.5%. With a discount valid until July 31, it will be 3.1%.

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Take advantage of the opportunity to top up your EUR balance at an even lower fee!