Deposit Funds to WhiteBIT in 15 Currencies with WhiteEX Cards

Published 27 December 2023
Deposit Funds to WhiteBIT in 15 Currencies with WhiteEX Cards


Great news: the list of currencies supported by WhiteEX crypto cards has expanded. Now, you have even more options when depositing funds to the exchange!

How it works:

  1. First, you buy a virtual card on
  2. You receive a virtual card with a one-time code via e-mail.
  3. Enter this code on the WhiteBIT exchange in the “Deposit” section, and the amount equal to the amount of the card will be credited to your balance (for example, 100 USDT).

The entire process usually takes 2-3 minutes.

We are happy to announce that even more users from different countries can now use this deposit method.

Available Currencies

Currency Payment Methods Max Transaction Limit
Arab Emirates Dirham Bank Transfer 75,000 AED
Brazilian Real Bank Transfer 4,500 BRL
British pound sterling Bank Transfer 700 GBP
Chilean Peso Bank Transfer 4,400,000 CLP
Colombian Peso Bank Transfer 20,000,000 COP
Euro Visa / MasterCard / Bank Transfer 5,000 EUR
Indian Rupee UPI / IMPS 500,000 INR
Indonesian Rupiah Bank Transfer 1,500,000 IDR
Kenyan Shilling Bank Transfer 50,000 KES
Mexican Peso SPEI 5,500 MXN
Nigerian Naira Bank Transfer 3,750,000 NGN
Peruvian sol Bank Transfer 18,000 PEN
Turkish lira Fast 50,000 TRY
United States dollar Visa / MasterCard / Bank Transfer 5,000 USD
Vietnamese dong VietQR 120,000,000 VND

*You can also choose Visa/MasterCard to pay in another local currency, which will be converted into USD/EUR.

WhiteEX Benefits

“Why use cards when I can just deposit funds to WhiteBIT?”.

  1. Some of these currencies were previously not available on WhiteBIT. Now, you can finally use to deposit your local currency if it is supported.
  2. The cards offer reasonable exchange rates.
  3. This deposit method is incredibly convenient for countries where standard cryptocurrency exchange deposits are unavailable or difficult.

Try it now on!