How DF Platform Facilitates Social Impact Investing

Published 08 May 2023
How DF Platform Facilitates Social Impact Investing


Innovative and effective solutions have never been more critical in an era marked by pressing social and environmental challenges. Social impact investing has emerged as a powerful approach for addressing these issues, marrying the pursuit of financial returns with the potential to create meaningful change.

This investment focuses on supporting startups and businesses, prioritizing social and environmental objectives, and generating financial returns. As public awareness and demand for sustainable and responsible business practices grow, social impact investing is becoming increasingly significant in shaping a better world.

We will explore how the Definder approaches the concept of social impact investing, its growing relevance, and its transformative potential for addressing some of the most pressing challenges facing our planet today.

Creating a Win-Win Scenario for Lenders and Borrowers

Definder’s mission is to bridge the gap between sustainable projects and lenders, offering a trustworthy and transparent platform for investment. By fostering a mutually beneficial relationship between lenders and borrowers, Definder encourages the flow of capital toward sustainable businesses and drives positive change.

Definder understands the importance of satisfying borrowers’ and lenders’ needs and expectations in the social impact investing ecosystem. The platform provides lenders access to various sustainable projects and startups, allowing them to identify and invest in opportunities that align with their investment criteria and values.

At the same time, sustainable projects gain access to a larger pool of lenders, helping them secure the necessary capital for growth and expansion while adhering to sustainable and ethical business practices.

Startups Selection

Definder identifies startups through a rigorous selection process emphasizing project evaluation, team assessment, transparency, and community involvement. Social importance also plays a role in the process, as one of the company’s focuses is social impact investing. Let’s look at the criteria and methodology used by Definder to identify and select high-potential startups.

  • Project Evaluation. Startups submit extensive project information, including objectives, financial projections, and repayment terms, which Definder carefully reviews to ensure alignment with its values.
  • Social Impact. Definder focuses on projects addressing societal challenges, promoting sustainable practices, and contributing to long-term positive change.
  • Team Assessment. The platform examines the team’s background, successes, and failures to gauge their potential for achieving set goals.
  • Transparency and Accountability. Definder requires relevant documentation and financial statements, enabling thorough due diligence and responsible fund management.
  • Community Involvement. Definder engages its active community in the selection process, fostering collective responsibility and informed decision-making.

By emphasizing these essential aspects, Definder ensures the selection of well-positioned startups to become successful businesses and generate meaningful social impact.

Blockchain Technology and Transparency in social impact investing

The Definder harnesses the power of blockchain technology through the Binance Smart Chain network to significantly enhance transparency and accountability in social impact investing. The platform offers several key features that foster trust and confidence among investors and stakeholders:

  • Decentralized transactions. Eliminates intermediaries, reducing the potential for fraud, manipulation, and mismanagement while ensuring secure, fast, and cost-effective transactions.
  • Immutable record-keeping. Provides tamper-proof and verifiable records of all investment-related information, fostering trust and confidence in the platform.
  • Multi-signature wallets. Ensures fundraising security and accountability, safeguarding investors’ interests by requiring multiple parties’ consent to access and use funds.
  • Insurance pool. Offers added financial security by creating a guarantee fund for clients’ deposits, boosting investor confidence in the platform.
  • Community involvement. Encourages collective, transparent decision-making by forming a Supervisory Board and promoting community involvement in critical decisions, risk assessments, and project selections.

Challenges and Risks of social impact investing

Social impact investing faces several challenges and risks, such as financial risk, impact measurement, liquidity risk, regulatory risk, and due diligence. The Definder mitigates these concerns through innovative features, including a multi-stage process for project selection and funding that involves community voting, fundraising, and project completion:

  1. Voting. Investors choose projects based on their interests, join project workspaces, and participate in decision-making, enhancing transparency and community engagement.
  2. Funding. Projects undergo multiple funding rounds, ensuring they meet minimum fundraising targets at each stage. This approach minimizes risk and promotes accountability.
  3. Control. The platform monitors project performance, and the community remains involved in controlling, advising, and promoting the project, ensuring transparency and accountability until its completion.

By incorporating blockchain technology and involving the community throughout the project lifecycle, Definder effectively addresses the challenges and risks associated with social impact investing, providing a secure, transparent, and accountable environment for investors and projects.

Definder Network Token: facilitating social impact investing transactions

Definder Network Token (DNT) is the native utility token of the Definder, a critical component that powers transactions and enhances the platform’s functionality. DNT is vital in the Definder’s operations, driving community engagement, risk mitigation, and platform growth.

Its integration into various platform aspects ensures that social impact investing transactions run smoothly and securely, ultimately contributing to the platform’s mission of supporting high-potential social impact startups.

DNT in Voting and Crowdloan Targets

DNT serves as the payment of a symbolic fee during the voting stage of a crowd loan target. It encourages active participation and engagement from the community, ensuring that the projects with the highest potential for social impact receive the necessary support.

Insurance Pool Formation

DNT is used to form insurance pools, providing a layer of risk mitigation for crowd loan contributors. By locking a portion of DNT in the insurance pool for the loan period, the platform can reduce risks associated with high-risk projects, ensuring that investors’ funds are protected.


LP staking involves providing liquidity to DNT trading pairs on decentralized exchanges, generating rewards from trading fees. Safe Staking, a lower-risk alternative, allows users to stake DNT directly on the Definder for stable returns, catering to different risk preferences.

Transaction Fees

All transaction fees within the Definder are paid using DNT, streamlining the payment process and promoting using the native token within the ecosystem.

Future Utility and Voting Rights

As the Definder evolves, DNT may be granted additional utility and voting rights, further integrating the token into the platform’s operations and decision-making processes.

Strategic Partnerships and Token Reserve

Most of the DNT issuance is reserved for strategic investors and partners contributing to the platform’s growth. These reserve tokens can incentivize partnerships and promote the project, further expanding the Definder’s reach and impact.

Definder’s Blockchain Ecosystem for Sustainable Goals

Definder aims to create a comprehensive blockchain ecosystem to enhance its investment platform and support sustainability objectives. The company’s plan includes the following:

  1. Developing Definder’s blockchain with a core engine, basic functionality, smart contracts, and an explorer for secure and efficient transactions.
  2. Creating a decentralized exchange (DEX) and NFT marketplace with KYC compliance and cross-chain interoperability, fostering sustainable and socially responsible trading.
  3. Developing NFT games and a real estate marketplace on Definder’s blockchain, promoting sustainability and social impact through engaging experiences and responsible property investments.
  4. Integrating all products and partner companies into one launcher for a user-friendly experience.

By creating a comprehensive blockchain ecosystem centered around social impact investing and sustainable development, Definder is poised to revolutionize how individuals and businesses engage with and contribute to a more sustainable and socially responsible future.

DF Platform’s global goals

DF Platform aims to foster social impact investing and create lasting, positive change worldwide. Their expansion plans for upcoming years focus on product scaling and improvement, addressing the global social crisis, financial inclusion, and global partnerships.

  • Product Scaling and Improvement. Definder aims to enhance its offerings with wallet integration, a mobile application, an internal rating system, and strategic partnerships.
  • Addressing the Global Social Crisis. The platform seeks to empower businesses and individuals by providing comprehensive tools to invest in projects with social and environmental impact.
  • Financial Inclusion and Access. Definder leverages cutting-edge technologies like blockchain and AI to broaden access to funding and investment opportunities for underserved communities.
  • Global Partnerships and Collaborations. Definder focuses on forging partnerships with like-minded organizations and businesses to expand its reach, influence, and drive innovation in social impact investing.

Definder’s expansion plans demonstrate its commitment to addressing global social challenges and promoting sustainable development. Through innovative technologies and strategic partnerships, Definder aims to make a lasting impact on social impact investing and provide an easy and transparent process for those who need to attract capital and for lenders worldwide and contribute to a positive change for all.