Introducing a New SoulBound Token for Developers

Published 12 September 2023
Introducing a New SoulBound Token for Developers


It’s fantastic to see how enthusiastic and engaged our community is. To celebrate your contribution, we have created the “WB Network Builder” SBT collection for those users actively supporting the project through product development and brand promotion. This time, we are introducing “Goodcode!”, the first SBT of the collection. It will be awarded to those users who utilize their coding expertise to nurture the growth of our ecosystem.

What Is “Goodcode!”?

It is a SoulBound Token for users who drive WB Network’s growth with their technical ideas and solutions. SBT is a non-transferrable asset associated with a specific Soul on the WB Network. Such tokens can demonstrate users’ achievements or rewards.

Who Can Receive These SBTs?

The “Goodcode!” SBTs are designed specifically for those users who leverage their developing skills to help us make our projects more robust and innovative. This encompasses inventive solutions developed in any programming language. For example, WhiteSTAT and developers already have their SBTs from the new collection. They will also receive rewards in WhiteBIT Coin (WBT).

Are There Any Requirements?

First and foremost, we evaluate the usefulness of your creation. Whether it’s a website or a smart contract that solves some tasks related to our project, we value its utility. For instance, our first awardees created solutions that simplify WB Soul stats viewing. Essentially, any contribution that benefits fellow users is welcome. However, our team makes the final decision on who will receive the reward.

How to Receive One of the New SBTs?

To get a chance to receive an SBT from the “WB Network Builder collection”, you need to create a useful tool using our platform’s functionality.

After that, our team will assess your work. The activity has no end date, so feel free to participate anytime!

Important: WhiteBIT isn’t responsible for any websites or products created by third parties. Users are encouraged to do their own research before using them.

If you have aspirations to bring truly large-scale solutions to WB Network, you will soon be able to apply to our unique grant program. We will notify you about its launch later.

Read the full terms and conditions of the activity here.