Functionality Updates: The Essentials

Published 09 June 2022
Functionality Updates: The Essentials


It’s time to share the great updates of our platform, which will significantly improve your user experience and open more opportunities for fruitful trading.

There are three major update blocks:

  • the introduction of futures trading, namely perpetual futures contracts on Bitcoin;
  • API updates;
  • update of the PRO Trade section.

Let’s dive into details ⬇️

Futures trading on WhiteBIT

Here’s the news everyone expected! Now, you can trade Bitcoin futures on our exchange. A characteristic feature of such contracts is the absence of the expiration date.

Futures allow:

  • regulating prices in the market using the mechanism of funding;
  • paying fees lower than in margin markets;
  • using leverage up to 20x;
  • earning on the growth and fall of the market;
  • receiving a positive collateral fee.

An important technical update is that one Collateral balance will now be used to secure the Margin and Futures trading positions.

Read more about futures trading in the article.

API updates

Here are the main technical innovations of the exchange, which you can make great use of!

  1. API for Margin trading. Users can now enable and manage Margin trading functionality through the API.
  2. Private API optimization. We have significantly increased the speed of the private API.

PRO Trade updates

Experienced traders know about the convenience of the PRO Trade page. However, we are constantly working to improve current options.

Let’s begin with the new pairs for Margin trading with up to 20x leverage:


We also updated our trading terminal:

1. changed the design of the page to a more understandable and minimalistic one;

2. optimized the location of the main blocks;

3. added an information panel;

4. added the Balances section and quick action buttons;

5. updated the page settings (the ability to change the theme to light/dark, customize the market depth, enable/disable order confirmation, and the position closing.

More cool changes are coming soon. Follow the news to stay up to date!

WhiteBIT Team