Meet JovJou on WhiteBIT

Published 17 October 2023
Meet JovJou on WhiteBIT


JOVJOU is the native token of the JovJou project and provides a distinct utility by allowing users to purchase NFTs. These NFTs come as proof of entitlement to benefits from real estate investments. Using this NFT, you can obtain monthly token real estate earnings via the staking system. It enables you to receive monthly dividends for each square meter invested. JovJou is reshaping the real estate investment landscape, democratizing access for all.

Leveraging blockchain technology, it streamlines property administration, allowing users to commence their investment voyage from as little as one square meter. The initiative enables relishing monthly rental earnings and the freedom to reinvest or devise strategies in alignment with individual preferences. Moreover, joining the JovJou community grants users access to distinctive, transparent investment prospects and exceptional lifestyle advantages. The project pursues integrating Real-World Assets (RWAs) onto the blockchain.

The total supply is 1 billion tokens, with 2.5% destined for public sale, 11% for marketing, 5% set aside for airdrops, and 10% of the tokens, which is 100 million, given to the team.

Deposits, withdrawals, and trading with the asset are already available in full scale.

Find out more about JOVJOU on the JovJou website.