Entering a new market 🇵🇱

Published 27 June 2023
Entering a new market 🇵🇱


We’re expanding our geography to continue scaling and fulfilling our global mission of spreading blockchain technology worldwide. And our next step is entering the Polish market!

Poland is very advanced in terms of cryptocurrency awareness. We aim to further introduce the world of cryptocurrencies to a wider audience, particularly among people residing in Poland, and showcase the multitude of advantages it offers.

With the help of our crypto platform, you can not only trade crypto assets but also make instant transactions and donate in cryptocurrency.

Polish zloty (PLN) and other 9 state currencies, more than 350 trading pairs, and 270 assets are already available on the exchange.

Additionally, our exchange interface is now accessible in Polish, catering to the needs of our Polish users.

Furthermore, our top-notch 24/7 customer support is always there to assist with any issue!

We are taking a step into the future of blockchain technology in wonderful Poland ❤️🤍