📬 Updates for your convenience 📬

Published 18 October 2022
📬 Updates for your convenience 📬


We aspire to improve the platform’s functionality regularly. That’s why we unified addresses for Ethereum and similar networks, as well as for their tokens. Hence, each user will have one address suitable for the following networks:

✔️ Ethereum

✔️ Polygon

✔️ BNB Smart Chain (BSC)

✔️ Ethereum Classic

✔️ Avalanche_CCHAIN

✔️ Arbitrum

✔️ Optimism

✔️ Ethereum PoW

✔️ Fantom

✔️ Aidos

✔️Celo Network

✔️ Xiden

✔️ Klaytn

✔️ Amber

To find an address, open the Balances tab, choose a suitable network, and press the Deposit button.

Please note: 

📌 All the addresses you had before will accept deposits only in the network they were created.

Enjoy the new feature and enhance your user experience!

WhiteBIT Team