Partnership with Valencia Marathon in Details

Published 10 October 2022
Partnership with Valencia Marathon in Details


Our desire to support sports and popularize blockchain has led us to a new partnership. We are pleased to announce that we have concluded a collaboration with Valencia Marathon Trinidad Alfonso and Valencia Half Marathon Trinidad Alfonso Zurich.

Now we are one of the official partners of the world athletics events. Cooperation with the sports area means common goals and constant movement forward to new heights. Just like athletes, we are improving and are ready to offer our support to those who strive forward and are open to new opportunities.

As part of the collaboration, our logo will be on the starting line, the final straight, and other competition locations.

The partnership will also include a place for our exchange at the Runners’ Expo, a pre-launch event where attendees will receive their bibs and runner bags.

Valencia Half Marathon Trinidad Alfonso Zurich is an annual half-marathon that brings together runners from all over the world and people who prefer a healthy lifestyle.

We are confident that this partnership will help us not only support athletes but also help more people learn about blockchain technologies.

Moving only forward!

WhiteBIT Team