We Scale | WBT is Added to Another International Crypto Exchange

Published 19 September 2022
We Scale | WBT is Added to Another International Crypto Exchange


There are few things in the world that you can observe eternally. The rapid and astounding development of our brainchild, WhiteBIT Token, is one of them. Only four weeks have passed since the start of WBT trading on WhiteBIT, and we are happy to announce that on the 22nd of September, our token will be available on one of the leading cryptocurrency platforms in the world, Huobi. WBT will be paired against USDT.

Observing the success step by step

Our team has meticulously prepared for the release of its token, so hard work and striking motivation became tangible and paid off.

  • The interest of the crypto community in the new asset was so immense that the private token sale on Launchpad, during which 1 million WBT were sold, ended in a phenomenal 15 minutes after the start.
  • A little more than a week after the start of trading, the value of WBT increased from $1.9 to $7.08.
  • We received tremendous support from the international crypto community and media attention.
  • We conducted the Airdrop and the premier WBT/USDT Trading competition with record success, and we continue working activities with rewards in the form of WBT.
  • We have already burned 4 062 204 WBT worth $22 609 198.

The lightning success is not a surprise, all thanks to the exclusive privileges available to WBT owners on our exchange, namely:

  • up to 100% of maker fee discount and up to 90% of taker fee discount;
  • daily free ERC20/ETH tokens withdrawal;
  • increased referral rate;
  • free daily AML checks.

In addition, we regularly repurchase the tokens and burn them until at least half of their total number in circulation is destroyed. These measures protect WBT from inflation and contribute to its development. Read more about the possibilities and benefits of WBT here.

Adding WBT to well-known exchanges is a new page of success for our token and our ecosystem in general. We want as many crypto-enthusiasts as possible to learn about the unique advantages of WBT and use its potential to the fullest.