WhiteBIT sponsored «Module of Temporality» — an art space about the war in Ukraine

Published 17 January 2023
WhiteBIT sponsored «Module of Temporality» — an art space about the war in Ukraine


War is an inseparable part of life for Ukrainians. However, war is temporary despite its horror, never-ending struggle, and constant uncertainty. But the art is timeless! The idea of “Module of Temporality” is an art space on Square of Contracts in Kyiv that will run from February to the end of April.

Our exchange, together with the “don’t Take Fake” team and other partners, did this international project to tell the whole world about Ukrainian culture and to help restore what the enemy destroyed.

WhiteBIT needs to support Ukrainian culture because we know there is no future without art. At the same time, we continue our mission and help Ukrainian culture to gain worldwide recognition, help our country during the war and bring Ukrainians to a new technological level.

100% of the profits from selling tickets and works will go to the reconstruction of art institutions, monuments, and museums of Ukraine that suffered during the war. Tickets to the “Module of Temporality” can be paid through Whitepay in crypto and at the entrance at the recommended price — of 200 UAH. Although, each guest can determine the amount he wants to pay for the ticket.

“Temporality” is the general topic of the works in the exhibition. It conveys the continuity of life and time. “Module of temporality” is a metal structure of 417 m². The ceiling height is not above 2.3 meters, made of steel from Mariupol Azovstal and Ilyich Iron and Steel Works. This multifunctional space, by the architectural bureau balbek bureau and design studio CREVV, depicts the feeling of people hiding in shelters.

The exhibition is based on expositions created by French curator Fabrice Busto, art critic and editor-in-chief of Beaux Arts Magazine. In addition, there will be works of 25 artists from Ukraine, France, the USA, Switzerland, South Korea, Portugal, Spain, India, and Albania. Among them are paintings, sculptures, installations, and audiovisual works.

In addition to the leading exhibition, visitors can purchase online tickets to film screenings and lectures within the MOT space.

Not even war can stop Ukrainians on the path of evolution, self-improvement, and creativity!