WhiteBIT Help Center Update: Voice Support

Published 05 May 2023
WhiteBIT Help Center Update: Voice Support


Technical support is a crucial element of the user experience. Therefore, we are pleased to announce a significant update to our Help Center and Voice Support!

Voice Support

Voice Support is your friend and assistant in dealing with any issue. Contact our experts via phone, get a quick answer, and return to trading on the crypto exchange!

To use the Voice Support feature:

  • Select the “Help” section in the exchange’s header.

  • Choose a UK phone number to get technical support in English.

For English-speaking users, the following phone number is +441553603362. The call is charged according to the tariffs of your mobile operator.

By the way, you will always get technical support in English no matter what number you dial.

We will be happy to help you 24/7.

WhiteBIT Help Center

In the new WhiteBIT Help Center, you will find answers to all your questions in the most convenient way. In addition to the Voice Support function, you can send a request to the Help Center or write to a technical support specialist via a chatbot available at any time.

To leave a message in the Help Center, you need to do the following:

  • Log in to your account on the exchange.
  • Select “Help” and go to the Help Center page.

  • Send a request using the “Send a request” button.

You can view the history and status of your requests in your Help Center account. Please note that only authorized users can submit a request.

Moreover, you can find the answer to your issues in a wide range of support articles. To do so, enter a keyword in the convenient search engine on the Help Center’s home page and press Enter. The Help Center will display all available materials in the form of articles.

Get the most out of the updated WhiteBIT and Voice Support Help Center!