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Welcome WhiteBIT Card — WhiteBIT Georgia and PayUnicard Presents a Co-branded Product

Published 28 July 2023
Welcome WhiteBIT Card — WhiteBIT Georgia and PayUnicard Presents a Co-branded Product


We’re excited to share the news of WhiteBIT Georgia launching a co-branded product that simplifies payments and presents multiple benefits of use. WhiteBIT Card is launched in partnership with PayUnicard under EMI license in Georgia in accordance with all regulations set by the National Bank of Georgia.

WhiteBIT Card allows for quick and contactless payments and Visa-compatible ATMs withdrawals anywhere in the world.

Currently, the card supports three currencies, including GEL, USD, and EUR.

WhiteBIT Card Advantages

WhiteBIT Card provides customers with a variety of advantages.

WhiteBIT Card everywhere and always

One may use WhiteBIT Card to pay in millions of places worldwide.

Apple Pay and Google Pay Support 

iOS or Android device — WhiteBIT Card can be used for Apple Pay and Google Pay payments. This will provide customers with an opportunity to make fast and contactless payments.

Simple money withdrawal

The card allows one to withdraw money in GEL, USD, and EUR from Visa-compatible ATMs around the world.

Requirements for getting a WhiteBIT Card

WhiteBIT Card eligibility requirements

Before applying for WhiteBIT Card, users must ensure they meet the following criteria: enabled Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), verified identity (KYC), and at least 10 WBT in Holding on the WhiteBIT exchange.

Verification procedure 

To apply for WhiteBIT Card, users must have an international passport, a Georgia ID card, or a Georgian residence permit. One of these documents allows users to quickly pass the verification procedure.

Application on PayUnicard

The next step is to register on the PayUnicard platform. Having registered, users have to wait for the confirmation message that will be sent to the number indicated during the registration process on PayUnicard.

Downloading the PayUnicard App

Having downloaded PayUnicard App, one can check the application status and manage the card.

What Types of Packages Does WhiteBIT Card Offer?

WhiteBIT Card offers two types of annual packages — Standard and Premium. They differ in daily withdrawal limits, monthly and annual service fee amounts, card-to-card transfer fees, and purchase limits. The validity period and withdrawal fees are the same for each package. It is worth noting that the Premium package allows opening two cards simultaneously. More differences are described in the table below.

Services Package Standard Package Premium
Daily ATM Withdrawal Limit (24 hours) 1 500 USD

or equivalent GEL/EUR

2 000 USD

or equivalent


24-hour Purchase Limit 3 000 USD

or equivalent


15 000 USD

or equivalent


ATM Withdrawal Fee 2,8% 2,8%
Card-to-Card Transfer Fee 2.5% 1.5%
Withdrawal from WhiteBIT Account to the Card via the PayUnicard wallet Free Free
Validity Period 3 Years 3 Years
Monthly/Annual Service Fee Monthly — 2,5 USD

or Annual — 24 USD or equivalent


Monthly — 4 USD

or Annual 38 — USD or equivalent


WhiteBIT Card Roadmap

July 2023

WhiteBIT Digital Card launch

October 2023

Launch of WhiteBIT Card loyalty program

Cashbacks, promotions, loyalty programs, and more news for customers.

How to Withdraw Money to WhiteBIT Card Account?

To withdraw money to WhiteBIT Card, you should:

  • Press the “Withdrawal” button;
  • Choose GEL, EUR, or USD;
  • Enter the PayUnicard account username;
  • Click “Withdraw”.

How to Add WhiteBIT Card to a Mobile Wallet?


– Open Apple Wallet;

– Click the ‘+’ button in the upper-right corner;

– Scan and add the card to the app.


– Open the Google Wallet app or download it on Google Play;

– Tap “Add to Wallet” and follow the instructions;

– Take a photo of the card or enter its data;

– Verify your card if needed.

Thus, WhiteBIT Digital Card provides individuals with an opportunity to pay at millions of places, anytime and anywhere around the world. Additionally, card owners have the ability to take lots of different advantages based on their chosen package.

WhiteBIT Card removes the borders, the story is to be continued!