Deposit funds via Apple Pay and Google Pay

Published 22 March 2023
Deposit funds via Apple Pay and Google Pay


We never sleep because who else will make our exchange even more comfortable? Now you can deposit USD, EUR, and PLN in a mobile app using Apple Pay and Google Pay! Only one click and your chosen system will confirm the operation in seconds. In some cases, you will need to confirm the payment with 3DS in the banking app. To make a deposit:

  1. Enter your cryptowallet in the app;
  2. Press the Deposit button ;
  3. Select the national currency you want to deposit: EUR, USD, or PLN;
  4. Select the payment method: Apple Pay or Google Pay;
  5. Specify the sum to deposit;
  6. Confirm your deposit using the Apple Pay or Google Pay button.

Time is money. Spend it on trading, not intermediate processes. Deposit with Apple Pay and Google Pay quickly, and enjoy trading!