Learn and earn with AMA sessions

Published 10 July 2021
Learn and earn with AMA sessions


✔️ AMA (Ask Me Anything) is a Q&A session where you can learn more about new projects directly from their representatives. We are holding regular AMA sessions with newly-listed projects on our exchange, as well as with the industry leaders. Among others, we held AMA sessions with DASH, Justin Sun, Dogecoin, ICON, etc.

✔️ AMAs are normally held on Telegram (in written form) or on YouTube (as live broadcast).

✔️ You have a chance to ask the questions yourself.

In order to participate in an AMA, you need to:

✅ be a user of our exchange;

✅ come up with an interesting question & send it via a Google form (there is a new form for each new AMA);

✅ join the AMA on a specific date & time (we send notifications about the start on our social media);

✅ wait for your question to come up. If it does — you’re one of the winners!

The winners will receive their prizes within 5 working days.

Stay tuned for the upcoming AMA sessions!

WhiteBIT Team