What’s attentiveness and how to improve it?

Published 05 November 2021
What’s attentiveness and how to improve it?


🤔 Attentiveness is the ability to focus on a specific object, activity, or phenomenon. Poor attention in crypto can lead to lost opportunities and mistakes. For example, inattentive users may enter transfer addresses incorrectly or miss profitable fluctuations and offers. Here are our 5 tips on how to enhance attentiveness:

🧮 Count objects while walking the streets.

🕵️ Focus on details, then try to reproduce as many features as you can in your memory.

💭 Reproduce your experience: try to remember your day in detail.

🌗 Discover differences between similar things: compare two pictures and find the difference.

📲 Try specialized mobile apps that can help to level up your attentiveness.

WhiteBIT Team