WhiteBIT Gave Voice to Kyiv’s Closed Monuments

Published 16 November 2023
WhiteBIT Gave Voice to Kyiv’s Closed Monuments


Art has always been a tool for expressing feelings, thoughts, and perceptions of the surrounding world. From the 10th to the 12th of November, an incredible art event called “Spectral Poetry” took place in the capital of Ukraine. Spanish artist Pablo Valbuena took on the task of transforming three iconic monuments in the central part of the city — Volodymyr the Great, Hryhoriy Skovoroda, and Bohdan Khmelnytsky — into an audiovisual installation. This project is the next stage of an exhibition that operated in the temporary cultural space known as the “Module of Temporality” (MOT).

What Was It?

Situated on central squares and hills in Kyiv, the monuments were engaged in a contextual performance. Special devices internally illuminated the statues, creating pulsating visual effects that captivated onlookers. Around these visual masterpieces, the voices of ten Ukrainian poets echoed as they recited their own poems. This combination of light, sound, and contemporary art made the project unforgettable for all who visited.

The voices of the poets became a tool for expressing feelings related to war and modern challenges. In particular, their poems encompass events that began in Ukraine in 2014. Pablo Valbuena emphasizes that poets reflect the psychology of the nation and serve as indicators of societal changes. Their words become a means of expressing cultural and existential resistance, which is extremely important in the modern world.