WhiteBIT Sub-Account: Multiple Trading Strategies Under One Roof

Published 09 January 2024
WhiteBIT Sub-Account: Multiple Trading Strategies Under One Roof



  • Sub-Account is an auxiliary account the user creates in addition to their Main Account on the exchange.
  • It allows users to test multiple trading strategies simultaneously, manage risk by allocating funds between Sub-Accounts, receive fee discounts and bonuses, and use the sub-account to train other users in actual market conditions.
  • The essential advantage of a Sub-Account is that the additional account inherits all the benefits of the Main Account, although it has limited functionality.

Experienced traders can’t help but develop and test new strategies. Thus, we are constantly adding new tools for this purpose. At this time, we are adding a powerful new feature — Sub-Accounts.

In this article, we will describe the main aspects of Sub-Accounts on our exchange and show you how to connect additional accounts to your profile. Let’s get started!

What’s a Sub-Account?

Sub-Accounts are auxiliary accounts that you can add to your Main Account. This feature is designed to bring up new possibilities for managing investments.

You can add up to 3 Sub-Accounts to your profile to organize and execute multiple trading strategies efficiently. This means you can keep your Main Account’s settings and funds secure while experimenting with different trading approaches in the additional account. It’s an intelligent way to diversify your portfolio and try out new market strategies without putting your main investments at risk.

You can learn more about how to connect Sub-Accounts in a special article on the WhiteBIT Help Center.

Sub-Accounts Main Benefits

Here are the benefits of the WhiteBIT’s Sub-Account:

  • Additional Account: Sub-Accounts are auxiliary accounts within your Main Account on WhiteBIT. This feature allows you to segment your trading activities, providing structured approaches to managing different aspects of your crypto portfolio.
  • Multiple Trading Strategies: Sub-Accounts allow testing and executing multiple trading strategies simultaneously. This is particularly helpful for traders exploring different market scenarios or trading techniques without affecting their primary account.
  • Risk Management: Sub-Accounts enable you to allocate funds separately from your Main Account, mitigating risks and allowing for more cautious investment moves in a volatile market.
  • Real Market Training Tool: Sub-Accounts serve as an excellent platform for training purposes. With this tool, you can connect new traders to your account for education without risking the Main Account’s capital.
  • Main Account Benefits: Despite being separate entities, Sub-Accounts inherit all the benefits of the Main Account. This ensures users enjoy a consistent and feature-rich trading experience across all their accounts.
  • Limited Functionality: It’s important to note that Sub-Accounts have limited functionality compared to the Main Account. Likewise, a Sub-Account user can’t withdraw or deposit funds, change the trading options, lock or delete a Sub-Account. This setup ensures the control remains secure and centralized in the Main Account.

WhiteBIT Sub-Accounts Key Features

Let’s unpack the key features of WhiteBIT’s Sub-Accounts:

  • You can set up to 3 additional Sub-Accounts, each tailored for specific needs or projects;
  • All the fee discounts and other bonuses of the Main Account are available on the Sub-Accounts;
  • You can register your Sub-Accounts with or without additional e-mail. If e-mail is defined, the Sub-Account user can log in to the Sub-Account directly, like a standard account.
  • The Sub-Account user can’t withdraw or deposit funds directly from the Sub-Account. All credentials belong to the Main Account. The Sub-Account user could transfer funds to the Main Account balance only.
  • The Main Account can either share the identity verification with the Sub-Account, or the Sub-Account should undergo verification separately. Without a KYC certificate, the Sub-Account’s trading and transfer options won’t be available.
  • A WhiteBIT’s Sub-Account can trade on the Spot, Futures, and Margin markets. All other WhiteBIT services are not available within the Sub-Account.