WhiteBIT Token: Learn the Details of the Upcoming Release of Our Own Cryptocurrency

Published 20 July 2022
WhiteBIT Token: Learn the Details of the Upcoming Release of Our Own Cryptocurrency


That’s right, our exchange is really preparing for the release of its own token, which will organically emphasize the correctness of the course we have chosen! We have been working tirelessly to improve your user experience and open up new opportunities for effective interaction with digital currencies. The launch of our token will allow us to combine the exchange ecosystem with new products, conclude cool cooperations with numerous blockchain projects, and, most importantly, open access to many advantages for our users.

Take a look behind the scenes and find out what WBT is and what its advantages are.

WhiteBIT Token (WBT) will be issued in a fixed amount of 400 000 000 WBT. No new tokens will be created above this amount. 200 million WBT will be treasury tokens that will be unlocked over the next three years. A fixed number of tokens with an application of a burning algorithm based on a weekly fee will contribute to the gradual growth of the asset value.

What benefits will WBT bring to you?

  • Increased referral rate (40-50%)
  • Fees reduction
  • Daily free ERC-20/ETH withdrawals
  • Daily free AML checks and much more

We are planning a number of interesting activities, including trading competitions and airdrops. Participation in such activities will bring you the opportunity to receive WBT. For example, beginners will be able to earn rewards in WBT for their activity on the platform. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? In addition, the asset will be featured on other major crypto exchanges, with a community of influential industry representatives being formed around the token.

WhiteBIT Token is a new stage in the development of our ecosystem and a logical confirmation of our belief that blockchain is the future!

Stay tuned, it’s just the beginning!

WhiteBIT Team