WhiteBIT Will Be On Pitchtalk!

Published 06 July 2023
WhiteBIT Will Be On Pitchtalk!


Have you heard about PitchTalk? Well, you’d better free up time for a WhiteBIT DemoDay on the 11th of July. The access is free, and the entire event will be held online and streamed on YouTube, Twitter, and Discord.

PitchTalk is a decentralized platform for live presentations of projects for potential investors. And the big news is that WhiteBIT and some of our products got a chance to present ourselves and extend our community.

Every project gets 10 minutes for a presentation and 10 minutes for a small Q&A session to describe the main advantages of the project.

Along with WhiteBIT, the event will include all kinds of funds and investors. Also, ordinary users will be able to ask questions, and judges will receive 100 points for evaluating projects, which they can then distribute at their discretion.

Don’t miss our yet secret activity during the event to have a chance to win your reward.

More details soon. Stay tuned!