Convenient Solutions for the Smoothest Start

Published 20 August 2022
Convenient Solutions for the Smoothest Start


Depositing crypto has become easier than ever! And all thanks to the innovative solution from WhiteEX. The company offers to make deposits to the balance with the help of a physical card, thereby saving users’ time and effort.

What is WhiteEX card?

In simple words, it is a card with the cryptocurrency of any denomination that is activated within few minutes. It has three levels of protection and is simple to use.

This option is perfect for those who:

  • are about to start your acquaintance with the world of digital assets;
  • want to sign up on our exchange and are thinking of convenient ways to make a deposit;
  • want to present an exceptional gift.

How does WhiteEX card work?

To start using the card, you should do the following:

  • purchase the card with the required amount of cryptocurrency;
  • download the mobile app or open the web version of the WhiteBIT exchange;
  • log in to your account or sign up on the exchange;
  • go to the “Codes” section;
  • click “Activate Code”;
  • scan the QR code or enter the code indicated at the bottom of the card manually;
  • wipe off the card’s protective layer that hides the password;
  • enter the password.

Thant’s it! The funds are now credited to the Main balance.

Enter a new level of comfort with the help of convenient and innovative solutions!

WhiteBIT Team