Whitepay: Invoicing for Cryptocurrency Payments, Custom Reports, and Business Management on One Platform

Published 16 May 2024
Whitepay: Invoicing for Cryptocurrency Payments, Custom Reports, and Business Management on One Platform


Starting your own business is easy, but bringing it to success requires effort. Optimize your time and manage your business effectively with solutions from Whitepay. Create branded invoices, monitor crypto payments, generate detailed reports, and access crypto banking — all within a single interface.

Focus on creating ideas and delegate routine tasks to a functional platform.

All the Benefits of Whitepay for Your Business

First, keep access to all essential reports and transactions on one platform — no more wasting time on routine reporting and management. Second, customize your document management and payment processes with a simple and accessible interface. What are the benefits?

1. Streamlined registration, after which you can access a demo account. It allows you to test the Whitepay functionality in your use cases and understand the product’s capabilities.

2. Branded invoices that help emphasize your brand identity and enhance your professional image. Create an unlimited number of invoices each month with a limit of up to 1,000 EUR per invoice and a total monthly volume of up to 40,000 EUR.

3. Receive transactions in over 140 cryptocurrencies, allowing your customers to choose the digital asset they prefer for payments.

4. Create multiple payment pages and customize each to simplify the payment process for different customer categories or products. Set the language, add logos, and establish the initialization time for each invoice, that is, when the user must select the currency and receive the payment details.

5. Manage all inflows through a functional CRM system, allowing for:

  • View your overall balance and all transactions, invoices, and reports, which can be conveniently sorted by date, type, currency, payment method, status, and other parameters. Click on a transaction if you want to see all its details and access the full invoice details directly from there;

  • Take advantage of the user-friendly withdrawal interface and transfer assets to any external wallet effortlessly;

  • Schedule regular and deferred reports that will be generated according to a chosen schedule. Include necessary data in the report, such as invoice type, payment method, invoice status, account currency, deposit currency, date or schedule, file format, and external ID, and set up the option to send the generated report via e-mail to get the most helpful information;

  • Quickly create unlimited crypto jars and widgets and manage all your crypto jars in one place. Specify parameters such as purpose, name, currency, description, and logo, and you’ll have an indispensable tool for crypto fundraising and donations ready in just a minute. Use widgets if you need to attach a link to the bank for your streams.

6. Add various roles and select their permissions to control access and user actions within the system effectively. Use the edit and delete functions when a role changes or becomes unnecessary.

Develop your business and ideas while Whitepay takes care of the operational aspects!

How to Start Using Crypto Acquiring from Whitepay?

All verified WhiteBIT users with an activated 2FA can quickly sign up on Whitepay. Simply select the “Sign up via WhiteBIT” option on the registration page and confirm Whitepay’s access to your data on the exchange. You will immediately gain access to a demo account to familiarize yourself with the platform, and the complete functionality will be available within 24 hours.

Once the process is complete, you will receive an e-mail with valuable instructions and a link to your active personal account.

Why Choose Whitepay Crypto Acquiring?

Whitepay is part of the ecosystem of one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in Europe, WhiteBIT. It provides services to companies eager to integrate cryptocurrency payments and is a member of the European Business Association. Its crypto-acquiring solutions are already utilized by over 200 clients in thousands of transactions daily. Among its advantages are:

  1. The ability to quickly and conveniently accept payments from customers around the world;
  2. An efficient and informative CRM system that helps track all cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals, optimizing and streamlining business processes related to cryptocurrencies;
  3. Fixed exchange rates and a guarantee of receiving total payment amounts;
  4. Support of any wallet and over 140 cryptocurrencies for convenient transactions;
  5. Transaction verification through Chainalysis;
  6. The ability to make payments conveniently and without network fees through the WhiteBIT app.

How to Unlock All the Power of Crypto-Acquiring?

Whitepay adheres to AML & CFT (anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism) standards. Therefore, to unlock the full functionality of crypto acquiring, you must complete the KYB (Know Your Business) procedure. After this, integration with the Whitepay API becomes available, allowing you to also work with plugins for websites on platforms such as OpenCart, Magento 2, and WooCommerce. These will enable you to integrate Whitepay’s functionalities directly onto your website, with all payment details automatically synced to your CRM system.

Adhering to KYB protects your interests and minimizes interactions with potentially dubious companies. In turn, Whitepay maintains a consistently high reliability and security level for your transactions and clients.

Using Whitepay’s solution for crypto acquiring opens numerous opportunities for business development and secure yet straightforward crypto transactions. With powerful tools such as branded invoices, a management dashboard, reports, and more, Whitepay becomes your reliable partner in the digital world. Register today and unlock crypto acquiring capabilities to step forward into tomorrow’s digital economy!