Everything You Need to Know About The WB Network Retrodrop

Published 30 June 2023
Everything You Need to Know About The WB Network Retrodrop


WB Network Mainnet is almost here, but meanwhile, the blockchain code is undergoing an audit by top cybersecurity companies. To celebrate the upcoming Mainnet release as well as reward active testers and loyal WBT fans, we are allocating a portion of the WBT Ecosystem Fund for conducting the retrodrop.

Your activity in the Testnet will count from its very launch. Before we make a final snapshot and distribute the retrodrop, you still have a chance to participate by completing various tasks and quests. After the Mainnet is launched, all eligible participants will be receiving rewards in WBT. All details will be announced in a separate post.

There are three types of activities that you can perform:

  1. Exchange-related tasks.
  2. Testnet activities.
  3. Community missions (they will take place on Zealy).

Let’s dig a little bit deeper…

Exchange-related tasks

  • Important condition for all tasks: create your WB Soul. WB Souls are the centerpiece of WB Network, created to bridge the on-chain and off-chain worlds, and are the expression of Web3. They are also an essential step for the retrodrop: you will only be eligible for it after creating a WB Soul. More information about WB Soul Ecosystem can be found in this article.
  • Hold WBT. It can be done by locking the tokens in Holding. Although this is an unusual task for a retrodrop, it’s our way to reward the loyal WBT fans.

There are 11 levels of WBT Holding. The higher the level, the bigger the reward. Assets that are in the process of withdrawal from Holding are not counted in Holding.


Tasks in the Testnet

The activity on the Testnet will also be rewarded. However, we will keep the tasks secret to avoid manipulation. You choose the right approach to working with the testnet 😉


Tasks in the community and social networks

We are determined to grow our community, and by helping us with that, you can earn rewards. Head over to Zealy to check out lots of simple tasks from us. Make sure to visit the platform regularly, as new tasks can appear anytime. We will use the forms filled out on Zealy in order to validate the participants.

You are the one that sets the level!

Read the legal terms and conditions of the retrodrop here.