Trading orders explained

Published 01 October 2021
Trading orders explained


Trading orders are the tools that help traders control their sales/purchase requests. Basically, they are agreements to buy or sell an asset under specific conditions.

There are many options on our exchange

✔️ Market order allows you to buy/sell an asset immediately at a market price. The order is executed instantly. 

✔️ Limit order allows you to buy/sell an asset at a fixed price. It is executed when the market price reaches the price you have indicated.

✔️ Stop-market order is applied to avoid losses in volatile markets. It is executed when the market price rises or decreases to the price you have set.

✔️ Stop-limit order has both a stop and a limit price. When the stop-price is reached, the order transforms into a Limit and then gets executed. 

✔️ Conditional order also sets a limit on a trading pair. The order is executed when the specified price for a guide pair (e.g. BTC/USDT) is reached.

Plus, we’ve got a few order options for margin trading.

Placing orders is convenient and makes trading safer. Swipe left to read the details and start to trade effectively!

WhiteBIT Team