AMA with Copiosa Coin | Transcript

Published 15 March 2022
AMA with Copiosa Coin | Transcript


Q: What is the idea of your project? What problem do you want to solve? What new things will you bring to the crypto world?

A: Copiosa plans to launch a unique token exchange specifically for small market cap coins. We want to be a challenger to decentralized exchanges, as there are many problems at present when purchasing tokens on DEXs, such as user experience or customer safety. We want to offer a safe, simple and sleek solution for purchasing coins or tokens that are new to the market. We hope this will break down barriers to entry for new users in the crypto market and increase mass adoption, allowing us to fulfill our vision of enabling everyone to be using crypto every day.

Q: Does the name Copiosa have a meaning? What made you choose a name like that?

A: Yes, it does. Copiosa means plentiful or abundant in Latin. The reasoning is that some exchanges offer a restrictive set of assets on their platform, and we want to list a numerous amount of them.

Q: I read that on Copiosa’s NFT marketplace, content creators can easily list their NFTs and get access to various marketing and analytics tools. Can you tell me the cost to access the features provided? What about additional fees, such as Minting Fee, Listing Fee, Commission Fee, and Transaction Fee?

A: Copiosa is an ecosystem designed to bring simplicity to the DeFi landscape. We marry the best centralized and decentralized aspects of the crypto space.

The NFT marketplace is currently in development and is not launched yet. We do, however, currently have our Copanions NFT collection for sale on our website.

You can expect no listing fees and simply a very small minting fee that we are currently deciding on.

Q: What is your project’s tokenomics? Is the COP token a functional or a governance one? What is its main function?

A: Copiosa Coin is an exchange token based on Binance Smart Chain. The tokenomics is simple, no deflation or inflation. Simply a static currency that can be traded for other tokens or coins.

The Copiosa Coin has 2 main points of utility:

a) Copiosa coin is intended to be traded for other (supported) tokens in the Copiosa ecosystem;

b) Copiosa coin can be used to pay for fees connected with the Copiosa Token Exchange, with a 25% discount when the fees are paid in COP. You can read more on this in our white paper here.

Q: Most users are still not aware of blockchain and its related projects! So, how does your platform create awareness about the project with non-crypto users too? Are you able to live up to your vision and “enable crypto to be used by every person, every day,” even for those who do not even understand it yet?

A: We hope to tackle this through a number of various avenues. Advertising through conventional mechanisms such as web ads, etc. We also want to take on many more mainstream influencers in order to get more people talking about Copiosa and crypto as a whole.

Q: What are the top priorities that Copiosa sets for its platform in 2022?


  • Exchange development and launch.
  • Marketing and spreading the word.
  • NFT Marketplace.