Coloured Launch Boxes Quest by Whitechain With a $7055 Prize Pool

Published 26 February 2024
Coloured Launch Boxes Quest by Whitechain With a $7055 Prize Pool

We have decided to create an NFT collection and launch a new quest with generous rewards to celebrate the new beginnings. Keep reading to find out more!

Coloured Launch Boxes Quest

We invite you to join our newest quest held with our partners! To win, the participants must complete simple on-chain tasks, interact with our socials, and answer questions about Whitechain. Apart from winning rewards, they can also collect NFT Boxes from the new collection to get early access to exclusive offers across all WhiteBIT products. The total prize pool of Coloured Launch Boxes is $7055. It will be divided between the platforms that host the quest according to this assignment:

  • AlphaGuilty: $5555 (555 winners will get $10 in WBT each)
  • Galxe: $500 (50 winners/$10 in USDT)
  • Taskon: $500 (50 winners/$10 in USDT)
  • QuestN: $500 (50 winners/$10 in USDT)

The participants can win NFTs only on the AlphaGuilty platform.

The rewards will be sent out to the winners via the quest platforms. The winners will be selected in a raffle on each platform separately.

The quest starts on the 26th of February and ends on the 18th of March 2024.

More details about Coloured Launch Boxes can be found here. The Terms and Conditions of the activity can be found here.

Celebrate a new chapter of Whitechain’s history with us and get rewarded!